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procedure for acquiring nForma

How It Works

Our Simple Onboarding Process

The Customer Journey For A NForma Begins With Research And Discovery As Schools Explore Online Options. After Initial Contact, A Comprehensive Demo And Evaluation Stage Help Decision-Makers Assess System Compatibility. Customization And Integration Follow, Tailoring The NForma Solution To Specific School Needs.

Onboarding And Training Ensure Staff Proficiency, Leading To System Implementation And Go-Live. Ongoing Support And Regular Updates Maintain System Performance. Schools Actively Engage Parents And Students In Academic Monitoring And Communication Through The SAAS Platform. A Long-Term Partnership Is Forged, Focusing On Continuous Optimization To Adapt To Changing Educational Demands, Creating An Efficient School Management Experience.

Training Sessions

The School's Staff Undergoes Training Sessions To Become Proficient In Using The NForma System. This Includes Administrators, Teachers, And Support Staff Who Will Interact With The Platform Regularly.​


We conduct a comprehensive demonstration and showcasing the software's capabilities.


We collaborate with the School to customize the system to their unique requirements. Integration with existing tools, such as learning management systems or student information systems, is often a crucial step

Data Migration

Data Migration Is The Process Of Transferring Data From One System Or Location To Another, Ensuring Its Accuracy, Integrity, And Compatibility In The New Environment​

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